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paragons in 100x100

Icons of Vanity
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Welcome to iconsofvanity an icon community here in LJ dedicated to showcasing the best icon makers in the land of blog. This community is a 'friend's only' community and we enourage you to join us, look through the submissions, take and enjoy. This is a drama free icon community and we'll do our best to see that it stays that way. Please follow the rules below and again ... welcome.

As we've already stated, this community hosts the best icon-makers in the land of blog. Our icon maker list is exclusive. This is not a place to "audition" to make it on that list, so please do not spam the community asking to be added.

We do not host contests and we do not take icon requests. This place is here to showcase the best talents out there both in still-frame and animated avatars, templates, bases, and other icon-making tools. Please check our affiliates for other communities that offer those activities.

We ask that you comment when you take an icon from the community (please do not ask - just comment). Constructive criticism is also appreciated! Credit in the journal keywords is always nice - please be sure to credit the artist and not the community. If you wish to pimp the community you may do so by grabbing one of the banners below!

Please do not advertise your icon journals or other icon communities in this community. There are specific places out there designed for that (such as i_promo, etc.). Those users found spamming the journal will be warned once and their post will be removed. Multiple violations will result in being banned.

Most of all, we want to maintain a friendly, peaceful, non-stress, low-drama community. Please be courteous. A little courtesy goes a long way.

Moderators for your community are: dementare, maggieroofus, destrukti0n and jenny_grrl.

Designers, please be sure to make your posts to the community 'friend's only'. Thanks!

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Our Affiliates:

Some icons were created using brushes from:

This community may feature images by graphic artists Rion Vernon, Joel Adams, the artist of Ruby Gloom, Warner Brothers, Kurt Halsey, Joe Phillips, and many, many more.